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Welcome To Supreme Green Tea

Health is the most important! Without good health, there no quality of life. We use our green tee to give you, your family and friends good health.

Drinking green tea matcha is one natural way to improve your health! Our green tea contains the highest quality of antioxidant catechins. The more you absorb the nutrients the better your health.


Note: The powder form is more readily absorbable than the leaf form.


 1. Preheat the bowl with some hot water.

 2. Put 1 gram (~half teaspoon) to 1.5 grams of matcha.

 3. Then 60 cc of 85C hot water.

 4. Stir in W-fashion as fast as you can for about 30 seconds.

 5. You're all set! Matcha is ready, Matcha master!

 6. Please don't use any stainless teaspoon to stir.



Japanese have been drinking green tea for more than 800 years.
Their life span is the longest in the world!

  86 years for females
  79 years for males

The main reason is the catechins content inside their green tea.



Only the high quality of green tea contains the highest amount of catechins. Inside catechins, the most important is EGCG!

EGCG has been proven for
✿  Prevention of stroke.

✿  Lower down your bad cholesterol.

✿  Prevent atherosclerosis of your artery.

✿  Improve your mental focus and work efficiency.

✿  Support your immune function.

✿  Support weight / fat loss.

✿  Detoxification.
✿  Prevention of certain cancers.
✿ And much more!

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